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Datalayer 0.2.0 O'Malley

Datalayer 0.2.0 O'Malley is released on 2023-09-22 and focusses on kernels in the cloud. It delivers JupyterLab extensions that focus on running your kernels in a remote Jupyter Server and showing you non-visible JupyterLab structures.

O'Malley, a feral cat who befriends Duchess and her kittens, becoming a father figure and a step-father to the kittens and falling in love with Duchess. For cultural reasons, the Italian dubbing of the film changes him to β€œRomeo, er mejo der Colosseo” ("The best [cat] of the Colosseum" in Romanesco dialect), an Italian cat from Rome speaking with a strong Roman accent; the reason for this change is that alley cats were well-known for frequenting the Colosseum at the time.

β€” Wikipedia

Release notes​

Datalayer x.y.z​

JupyterLab extension to display supported file types, model and widgets.

Clouder x.y.z​

JupyterLab extension to interact with cloud services, OVHcloud as target for now.

Jupyter React x.y.z​

Better IPyWidgets support with bundled and externals props on the Notebook component. Support the display of Jupyter React components in a JupyterLab extension. Richer config to inform if the component is displayed in JupyterLab and/or JupyterHub.

Jupyter Viewer x.y.z​

JupyterLab extension to view notebooks.

NbModel x.y.z​

NbModel, a collaborative and extensible data model on top of Jupyter NbFormat.

Jupyter Manager x.y.z​

Jupyter Manager, a user interface to manage your Jupyter platform.

Jupyter IAM x.y.z​

Jupyter IAM, Identity and Access Management for Jupyter.

Jupyter Content x.y.z​

Jupyter Content.

Jupyter Docker x.y.z​

Jupyter Docker, manage Docker from Jupyter..

Jupyter Kubernetes x.y.z​

Jupyter Kubernetes, manage Kubernetes from Jupyter.

Jupyter Exec x.y.z​

Jupyter Exec, execute code in Jupyter Kernels.

Jupyter RTC x.y.z​

Jupyter RTC, Real Time Collaboration (RTC) for Jupyter.

Jupyter Functions x.y.z​

Jupyer Functions.

Jupyter Kernels x.y.z​

Jupyter Kernels, managed Jupyter Kernels.

Jupyter Dashboard x.y.z​

Jupyter Dashboard, create and publish Dashboard from Jupyter.