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🪐 ☁️ ⚛️ Datalayer Tech 0.2.0

A toolkit that elevates your data platform development journey


100% compatible with Jupyter

Datalayer is 💯% compatible with Jupyter standards and protocols.



Get started by creating a Jupyter platform with Kubernetes with storage and kernel processing in the cloud.

Built for AI

Deliver faster your AI projects. If you need more batteries for AI, have a look to our managed components with authentication, authorization, server and Jupyter kernel instant start...

Web friendly with React.js

If you are sick with the JupyterLab frontend limits and want to leverage the React.js devlopers and developement eco-system, we have something for you.


We are working towards entreprise-grade security certifications - ISO 27001, SOC2 type 2, GDPR and ISO 42001.


Easy to use

Datalayer was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your data analysis up and running quickly.

Open source

Extend or customize your platform to your needs. Sponsoring and support options are available if you need them.